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Press Release

EMA (European Manipuri Association) celebrated Ningol Chakouba on 14th November 2015 at Borstal, Kent in the UK, a day later than in Manipur. It was a hugely successful event with new and existing members gathering from all over Europe. Highlight of the event was the Food and most importantly Ningol Dokhina Thouram. Although the show was stolen by the kids shouting, running and playing around.

On the menu were mouth-watering Sareng thongba, Rou ataoba thongba, ooti, chagem pomba, khamen kanghau, thambou sinju, bora and other traditional items.

For the Dokhina, EMA Pibas were proud to be able to arrange for Muka Phee and Phanek for the Ningols, right from Manipur.

2015 EMA Ningol Chakouba also saw the rise of new talents. A drawing competition was held leading up to the event and winners were announced during the celebration with medals, certificates and winner’s trophies distributed. Children drew on the theme of “Phunga wari” and all entries were indeed praise worthy.

EMA also unveiled a calendar. The photos on it were contributed by EMA members and are of pictures taken by them in Manipur.

As the event concluded, members left with bulging bellies and smiles on their face, taking memories of the day entertained by the children with educational cum entertaining presentations.


Ningol Chakouba Photos:


Drawing Competition Photos:


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