MSAD continues to mobilize fund for the victims of Manipur earthquake


12439311_848032851985648_72344236912622348_n_800x450NEW DELHI, January 10: Continuing the fund mobilization for the victims of Manipur earthquake, Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD) collected a total amount of 25,516 rupees by January 9, said a press release by MSAD.

It said, the amount collected so far on the second day are 9540 rupees from Jamia, Maharanibagh, 4230 rupees from Vijay Nagar, 1240 rupees from Emoinu Hostel, Dhaka, Mukherjee Nagar and 3500 rupees from Patel Chest, making a total of 18510 rupees.

Altogether, the amount collected on first day which is 7006 rupees and on second day make a total of 25,516 rupees, said the press release.


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