The 10 points not to vote for Congress in Civic-Poll


By Sumatibala Ningthoujam


  • 1. Incompetent Congress Govt in Manipur is anti-people. It has no positive vision for Manipur. Nor it can connect with common people. Now the corruption has reached its saturation point in Manipur. Govt sponsored schemes have been scientifically manipulated for bypassing the common people.
  • 2. Congress has encouraged the Protagonists of Nagalim. Tall leaders of congress in Manipur like Rishang Keishing, Gaikhangam, Fransish Ngajokpa etc who had consistently advocated for the Fabrication of the so called “Nagalim” (i.e. Breaking Manipur) have been given vital portfolios in Ibobi-led Congress Govt much against the popular wishes of the general public. Indigenous Manipuries will never excuse these hypocrite leaders of congress for their sinister unsuccessful attempts of breaking Manipur. Even if Nagalim was created, it would have been disintegrated since the very concept was not fundamental/basic as projected to be. It was rather a composite one with a high potential of implosion due to the various forces representing the different components of Naga. So moving beyond Nagalim, maintaining the present status quo is the best option for all.
  • 3. Law makers become law breakers & power abusers. Congress legislatures particularly the incompetent, megalomaniac ministers don’t do their constitutional duties. But whenever they get a public platform they used to announce Utopian schemes and lavishly promised for implementing the schemes. But the moment they exited from the platform they forget what they had promised while on the platform. So like what had happened in mainland Indian States congress should be uprooted out from Manipur also. It can be visualized now for a resurgent Manipur if majority of congress candidates in this civic-poll are defeated.
  • 4. Congress uses Police as its political Agent. Manipur Police can’t do their professional duty due to the unjustified pressure of their political bosses. Ruling MLAs particularly inept ministers abuse police for suppressing their political rivals. It can be quoted here that during the run upto the Assembly election-2012, on the verbal instruction of a congress Legislature the then Thoubal Top-Cop had misused his discretionary power and on the basis of a fabricated fake FIR arrested one Scientific Officer, Dept of Atomic Energy, Govt of India because the Scientist was the husband of the formidable candidate against the Congress Legislature. The Legislature and the Top-Cop had strategized for keeping the Scientist in Lock-up/Jail for two days at least. While the scientist was in jail because of court holiday the the DGP had allegedly sent a report to the Union Home Secretary presuming the Scientist would be suspended. Thank God the negative effect of the DGP’s report had been annihilated by the clarification the Home Secretary had from the Director Of the National Research Institute. Imagine, how dirty the congress Legislature is!
  • 5. Sharmila’s Holistic sacrifice is being overlooked. Iron Lady Sharmila’s Historic Fasting for getting the inhuman AFSPA-1958 revoked from Manipur is being refused to be acknowledged. On the other hand, the State authority is continuously harassing and accusing her of attempting to commit suicide. How moral less congress govt is!
  • 6. Fake-Encounter recurring as a byproduct of AFSPA-1958. Having been protected by AFSPA-1958 armed force personals violated human rights and exposed Manipuri civilians to frequent redundant torture at home or on the ways in the name of containing insurgency. The Supreme Court of India has certified that many infamous fake encounters had been executed in Manipur. Many intellectuals/eminent committees had proposed more human anti-terrorist laws in lieu of AFSPA-1958. Even the supreme authority had assured Manipuries at a public rally in Imphal that AFSPA would soon be modified/replaced. Then what is the rational of not revoking AFSPA till to date? If Manik Sarkar could get Afspa revoked from Tripura, why our CM can’t do the same for Manipur? Only AFSPA can’t suppress Insurgency in Manipr. Then what is the logic of imposing AFSPA? Perhaps our powerful political leaders, as it is alleged, would abuse AFSPA for suppressing their rivals.
  • 7. Overlooking of predatory along Imphal bound High-Ways. It is apparent that never did congress govt try sincerely to have High-Way protection Force along the Imphal bound High Ways. As a result unjustified prolong economic blockades are imposed along the Imphal bound high-ways generating man-made calamity across Manipur. In addition to umpteen historic economic blockades, Imphal bound individuals particularly those coming by personal cars are randomly compelled to hand out a handsome amount to let them move ahead. Otherwise the driver was subjected to severe physical torture untill some relative/s from Imphal valley turn up with the demanded amount. Hardly 300 m before the Mao Policed gate along a medium up steep road anti social people collect money from valley bound Vehicle drivers When such incident is reported to the Mao police the reporter got the impression that those anti socials were committing the crime with the tacit approval of the law enforcers. As the congress govt does not bother for the security of common people, we should not vote for congress on 11.01.16 (Civic-Poll).
  • 8. Non-introduction of much needed better Transport System. Human being is most threatened by pollution all over the world. Diesel vehicles, generating pollution, are being phased out step by step everywhere and recently banned in Delhi by the Supreme Court of India. Also new innovative, non pollutant and eco-friendly E-Rickshaws are popularly introduced across mainland Indian States contributing to lowering pollution level. If Manipur govt permits E Rickshaws across Imphal valley it would surely lower the pollution level in Manipur and pollution borne diseases like Asthma would be minimized.
  • 9. No power no Development. On this modern Scientifically computerized age human beings fully depend upon various machines driven by power (a.c. or d.c.)for performing all types of jobs. Manipur does not have the required power for running micro, macro Industries. In fact we don’t have the sufficient power for domestic utility even though our CM has proudly contemplated for giving power to neighboring Myanmar. So no Industry, hence no development in Manipur. If the govt is serious many micro Hydel power projects augmented by solar power can be established across Manipur. But the present congress govt is tantamount to perfunctory and much needed to be replaced by a pro-people one.
  • 10. Viable alternative to congress is thinkable now. Unlike the mainland Indian States’ Manipur politics is a parasite of New Delhi. So it is always favourable for Manipur, if our politicians do work in tandem with Delhi. Now Modi led NDA Govt is at Centre (New Delhi). Hence if BJP govt is at Imphal we can visualize a resurgent Manipur in near future. Hence it would be better if we all vote for BJP on 11.01.16 for a better Manipur.



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