Surveyor General of India conducted survey of Manipur-Myanmar border clandestinely: ICHAM


IMPHAL, January 29: The Information Centre for Hill Areas, Manipur (ICHAM) has claimed today that the Surveyor General of India and a delegate of the Myanmar government had secretly conducted a survey of the controversial Manipur (India) – Myanmar border on December 20, 2015.

Speaking to media persons at the Manipur Press Club today, president N Rajendro said that ICHAM strongly condemns the clandestine operation which is against an understanding on the international boundary issue between the organisation, State government and the Centre.

He elaborated according to the understanding the government was supposed to inform ICHAM, Committee on Protection of Land in Border Fencing (CPLBF) and other local organisations whenever such boundary inspection is conducted.

However, on December 20, the organisations were never informed, he claimed.

He said the government should not conduct such surveys in such a secret manner anymore.

If the government of Manipur allows such surveys in the future, the All Political Party Committee which was constituted in regards to the boundary issue should be held responsible, he said.

ICHAM, CPLBF and other local bodies will impose a ban on survey of the Manipur (India)-Myanmar border fencing which is still controversial, he said.

The December 20 survey was attended by two representatives of the Indian government and five representatives of the Myanmar government.

Rajendro continued the people have no faith in the promises of the All Political Parties Committee, State government and the Centre on the issue.

At the same time, it is learnt that the Centre had strongly pressurised conduct of the survey, he added.

Such action of the government is only inviting agitations in the State, he said adding that the State government and the All Political Party Committee continue to remain silent on the issue.


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