NSF ban supporters seize vehicle papers in front of AR post: Truck driver


KANGPOKPI, February 24: In the midst of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) decision to ban movement of all Meitei/Manipuri owned vehicles in Naga populated areas which came into force this morning at 6 am many loaded vehicles are stranded at various locations along the Trans Asian Highway No.1 in Senapati district.

It has been reported that, early this morning volunteers of NSF in collaboration with various Naga student bodies stopped vehicles particularly bearing Manipur registration numbers at Mao, Maram, Karong, Senapati, Liangmei Taphou and in between Mayangkhang and Ningthoupham.

The bandh volunteers were said to have also seized vehicle documents and keys from the drivers including at Hengbung Taxation post allegedly in front of the security personnel.

“They [suspected to be the bandh volunteers] stopped us in front of the AR Check Post here and seized our keys and documents”, said a driver who was stranded at Hengbung Taxation.

Some vehicles drivers bearing Nagaland and Assam registration No. were confused over their detention stating that we do not understand why we are detained here if the bandh is restricted to Manipuri/Meitei owned and bearing Manipur registration No.

Later it was learn that, any vehicles carrying materials/commodities related to Manipur Government and its activities are under the purview of the bandh.

More than 100 loaded vehicles are witnessed stranded at Hengbung taxation while around 25-30 vehicles including vehicles carrying railway construction materials are stranded in between Mayangkhang and Ningthoupham.

Many other vehicles have been reportedly stranded at Liangmei Naga village, Senapati, Karong, Maram and at Mao gate.

Meanwhile, a meeting was held at Karong between the NSF representatives and its linked bodies including ANSAM and SDSA regarding the current stir and strategies to make the bandh more vigorous.

Until filing of this report there is no report of any other vexatious fallout except seizing of vehicles documents and keys by bandh volunteers.


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