Sharmila wishes working with CSOs for successful anti AFSPA movement

Police women escorting Sharmila from the court room.
Police women escorting Sharmila from the court room. IFP Photo

IMPHAL, February 24: Sharmila today expressed her desire to sit together with all the civil society organisations in the State and discuss the core issue of the movement against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

The anti-AFSPA crusader was produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Imphal West Lamkhampao Tonsing today; however, the court reserved the judgement until the next argument hearing which has been fixed on February 29.

In a brief statement made before media persons inside the Cheirap Court complex following her court appearance, Sharmila said she desires to meet at least one representative of all the CSOs present in the State together and deliberate the core issue of her movement.

The movement needs a collective effort to succeed, she added.

It may come late, but it will come for sure with the grace of the God, she prayed.

She said killing is not the solution to bring development, but to bring peace and development, love among each other is a necessity.

Sharmila expressed hope that she might be released unconditionally in her next argument hearing.

Citing that the false charge of attempting to commit suicide levelled against her is unfortunate, she said that she will continue her fasting with a prayer. She also lamented that the government is considering her agitation as unconstitutional.

Bemoaning the lack of local support to the movement seeking repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act-1958 from the land, Sharmila observed that the movement is somehow presumed to be her personal movement.

Sharmila also said that if she is released again as she expects after her next argument hearing on February 29, she would like to continue her agitation demanding repeal of the draconian Act at the foot of the Kangla Sha.

According to Sharmila’s counsel, the judgement was reserved due to the failure of defence witnesses to appear before the court.


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