JAC suspects foul play in housewife’s death


BISHNUPUR, February 29: Condemning the incident where a housewife was found dead hanging under suspicious condition at Hameiban in Bishnupur district on February 25 around 8.30 pm, a sit-in-protest was staged at Thanga Salam High School ground today.

The deceased housewife has been identified as Laishram ongbi Sophia, 23 wife of Thoiba. She hailed from Thanga Salam.

The sit-in-protest was organized by the JAC constituted against the housewife’s death.

Speaking to news persons, convener of the JAC Ningthoujam ongbi Kameshwori, vowed to not accept the dead body till the actual facts of the incident are ascertained and the culprit is punished according to the law.

The JAC convener claimed that Sophia had returned back to her parental house four/five times due to fear she experienced whenever her husband was absent in his residence.

She contended that there had been an instance when Sophia’s father-in-law sneaked into her room while sleeping and threatened her to slice her body into seven parts.

Sophia’s family was not informed about her death on the day itself. Thoiba once telephoned his neighbourhood friend Babitra asking whether his wife had visited his house. When Thoiba was heard crying, Babitra entered the room and saw Thoiba crying holding his wife’s dead body. Thoiba’s parents were not present in the house at that time, she narrated.

Suspecting foul play on the death, the JAC convener demanded the concerned authority to award stringent punishment to the killer (s).

A case had been registered in Moirang Police Station in connection with the death.

Several placards inscribed with slogans such as ‘’We condemn Sophia’s death’’, ‘’Do not take women as toys’’, ‘’Do not conceal the culprit’’ and ‘’Deliver justice to the incident’’ were used at the protest demonstration.

A rally against the death was also taken out by the locals from Takmu Sports Complex up to Moirang Police Station.

The rally was interrupted at Moirang Bazar Kumbi Parking by a team of District Police Commando led by OC John.


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