Three footbridge to come up in Imphal: Works Minister


IMPHAL, Feb 29: Work Minister Kh Ratankumar Singh, today informed the house that has sent a proposal for construction of three footbrige in Imphal to the Ministry concerend especially along the Tiddim road.

The Minister was responding to queries raised by MLA L Ibomcha Singh during the calling attenion on the 7th day of the ongoing budget session.

Further the Works Minister said that once the foot bridge are costructed the difficulties faced by the people while crossing the roads especially the Tiddim road would be solved.

He said that roads are being constructed following the guidelines laid in the manual of safety in road design adding that for National Highways intersection or crossing should be placed after every two kilometres. The systems is design to reduce frequent road accidents, he asserted.

However, after making local adjustment for the convinient of the people the interjection/crossing along Imphal to Malom was created with a gap of 600 to 800 metres.

Keisamthong MLA, L Ibomcha Singh, moved his motion pointed out the difficulties being faced by the people due to expansion of Tiddim road.

Adding to the woe of expansion, people settling along the highways are facing difficulties for crossing the roads due to the absence of zebra crossing, footh brige.


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