CCpur Meitei residents demand replacement of evacuated CRPF company


CCPUR, Apr 15: Local residents of Khumujam Meitei Leikai in Churachandpur district this morning stopped the CRPF Company stationed in the locality to evacuate their post and demanded that a replacement be sent before the present company leaves.

Womenfolk were seen sitting inside the vehicles of the CRPF personnel in their bid to stop them from evacuating the post citing security reasons.

One of the officers of the company said they are bound by orders from their superior to evacuate.

A local resident Bishorjit whose residence recently received two bomb threats said even when there were security forces, and now with the evacuation of the company, there will be no security in the area.

However, after the SP promised to provide replacement of the evacuating security forces, the locals allowed the CRPF company to evacuate in the evening.

It is learnt that the para military force was stationed in four locations in the district following the uproar against the ILPS bills passed by the State government last year to protect the minority community in the district who were threatened by the anti-bills movement.

The sudden evacuation of the security forces left many people of the locality surprised.

Meanwhile, sources said that the force was required somewhere else in the State where there was a clash between two different communities.

The Churachandpur Police has also said that deployment of security in the area would be a priority for them.


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