Centre allocates 11796 MTS of rice for NFS Act


Imphal, Apr 29: The Govt. of India has allocated 11796 metric tonnes of rice for implementation of National Food Security Act (NFSA) in the State. The allocation is from the month of April 2016 onwards. This allocation was made on the request of the State Govt to take only rice and convert whatever quota of wheat entitled to Manipur into rice.
The State Govt has provided Rs 30 crore in the 2016-17 budget as State Share for implementation of NFSA. With the launch of implementation of the Act from April 24 in the State, Manipur became one of the States and Union Territories in India to implement the Act, conveyed a press release issued by DIPR.
For smooth and successful implementation of the Act, identification and digitization of households and beneficiaries of NFSA have been completed.
Distribution of ration cards is going on in the districts through DSOs/SDOs concerned. The State Govt is preparing to add any genuine beneficiaries left out from the list of beneficiaries already identified in the subsequent months. The list of beneficiaries so far digitized can be seen at www.pdsmanipur.nic.in.
Under the provisions of the Act, 75 per cent of rural population and 50 per cent of the urban population are entitled to get the benefit of subsidized foodgrains. In Manipur, out of the total population of 28,55,794 as per 2011 Census, altogether 25,05,651 including 63,600 families under Antyodaya Anna Yojna (AAY) can be covered under the Act. Out of the total beneficiaries, 17,90,364 are rural people and 7,15,287 are urban people.
Under Section 2(1) of the NFSA, those identified families as priority household shall be entitled to 5 Kgs of rice per head per month while AAY families shall continue to be entitled to 35 Kgs of rice per family per month.
The State Govt has also taken up adequate measures for redressal of the grievances of the consumers. ADMs in the districts have been designated as the District Grievances Redressal Officer (DGRO) of the districts concerned.
State Consumer Helpline has been set up with toll free number 18003453821. Online grievances redressal mechanism has been kept in place and is available at www.pdsmanipur.nic.in . State Consumers Commission has been designated as State Food Commission.


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