Electricity a far cry in Langkhongching Maring village


By Jimmy Leivon

IMPHAL, April 26: When electricity has become the most important element of the modern world today without which nothing Langkhongching Maring village continues to reel in the dark with no power supply since existence.

Situated about 12 Km from Moreh border town and just about 7 km from the Asian Highway 1 (or National Highway 102 Indo-Myanmar road) Langkhongching Maring village is one of the underprivileged villages apparently under-develop in every aspect owing to the apathy of the authority concerned.

Officially recognised in 1972 Langkhongching was once bustling little village with a healthy population of over 30 households. The entire village was once abandoned in 1992 ethnic clash and gradually started resettling since 1997. Today the village has a total of only 13 household with no electricity when uninterrupted power supply under prepaid system has become the pet subject in the valley.

Several attempts were reportedly made by the village leaders, chief to electrify the village yet the much cherished dream remained unfulfilled.

The village came very close to having their dream realised back in early 90s with even the electric poles reaching the village however that dream was shattered due to the ethnic clash that broke out later that year, according to KT Kothil, the village chief.

Today the electric poles are lying at the village slowly rusting away with the passage of time.

The most touching sight one encounters as one enters the village are a handful of electric poles within the village although it is a fact that there was no electricity in the village.

When enquired for the purpose of erecting the poles, the village chief said that the poles were erected by the village youths to keep the hope of getting electricity alive.

Regardless of what the youths had in mind the village chief lamented that he has lost hope of lighting the village.

“Every time I approach the department they have always asked for money. The department officials demanded Rs 50 thousands or one Lakhs in some instance for the purpose of electrification. When I enquired what the money was for the said that it was for the pocket money of the officials”, said KT Kothil.

He claimed that he once entered into an argument with an engineer who asked him Rupees one Lakh adding that he walked out of the office before telling the official that he would rather fuel worth one Lakh rupees rather that handing them the money.

“I Don’t understand why the department is asking for such an amount when they are being paid by the Government”, rued the village chief.

The primarly source of the light of the village are diesel fuels to light lantern, Chinese made cheap solar lamps of sold in Myanmar and Moreh border town.

Fortunately, the relentless efforts of the leaders paid off to some extent as the village has been blessed with two street lamps powered by solar, presented by the Member of District Council.

In the meantime, it has been informed that an ICDS workshed meant for the village was found allegedly taken advantage by non resident of the village, identified as Kh Kodu. As per the official document the workshed has been completed, constructed by the said person. Yet there was no workshed in sight within or near the village.


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