MPCC reacts to Joykishan’s statement against party leaders


IMPHAL, April 21: Reacting to Thangmeiband MLA Kh Joykishan’s rebuke of leaders of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee which was reported in several local dailies, the MPCC has said it is not surprise by the MLA’s act.

Calling the MLA’s action a “personal attack” against MPCC leaders, a statement of the committee signed by chairman of its Media Department L Memo Singh said the people are aware of the achievements of the Congress in the State, there is no need for Joykishan to stressed on it.

Under the Congress rule, all crimes committed in the land have been taken up without any exception on personal or family grounds to punish the perpetrators, it said.

The people are aware of which criminal cases Joykishan is involved in, it said adding further that everyone is aware of how Joykishan was connected in a case under FIR no 56(7) 2002 US 397/34/ IPC H/PS in the year 2002.

The statement also said that no parents will encourage their children to follow the path of crimes.

As a person involved in the law making of the State, it would be best not to make more statements like a layman without any knowledge of the actions taken up by the law, it said.

Let the law take its own course without any disturbances, only then will it bring good to the society, it said.

Speaking on issues of which the court is yet to pass a judgment would only prove true the popular belief that Joykishan is a novice in politics, it said.


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