“Scheduled inauguration of incomplete Khongjom memorial complex unfortunate”


IMPHAL, April 21: The Martyr Memorial Khongjom War monument was inaugurated on October 21, 1972 by the then President of India VV Giri commemorating the Battle of Khongjom of 1891, former minister Moiranghtem Hemanta, president of the Khongjom War Memorial Trust.

Speaking at a press conference held today at the Manipur Press Club, Hemanta said now the President of India Pranab Mukherjee will on April 23 once again inaugurate another memorial complex constructed by uprooting the previous monument.

This is unfortunate as this will completely erased the memory of the earlier monument inaugurated by President VV Giri, he said.

He continued that the construction of the Integrated mega Tourist Circuit for Marjing Polo, Keina, Khebaching and Khongjom complex with a Central finance assistance of Rs 4751.61 lakhs approved in 2013 and constructed by the Manpur Development Society and the State PWD is hardly 30 percent completed.

Inaugurating another incomplete project by the President of India will only degrade the reputation of the State, he said, adding that it will be more appropriate if the President was urged to lay the Foundation Stone of the mega project.

He further alleged that the completed portion of the complex is also sub-standard as the MDS and the PWD have failed to maintained quality.

Hemanta further said that the Khongjom War Memorial Trust will erect the longest sword structure above the Khebaching Hilltop in the future.


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