SSSC Demands for Action from Govt of India


April 2, New Delhi :  Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign (SSSC), in a press release has welcomed the judgement of Hon’ble Delhi Court that acquitted Irom Sharmila in the case of ‘Attempt to suicide’ running in session court against her in the incident of her 2006 hunger strike where she sat on fast at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi after offering tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

”A similar case is also registered in Imphal, Manipur and Sharmila has been kept isolated and in prison under the same charges. It is when, Sharmila has been acquitted several times by courts in Imphal, but she has been arrested again there (in Imphal) as she continued her strike after acquittal.
SSSC see this like a traditional remedy for government’s careless approach where though judiciary freed her but government detained her all the times under similar charges without listening her.
SSSC believe that though Sharmila is very patient and hopeful towards Indian government and even in the past, she always told that she has faith in democracy and non violence, it seems that ignorance of government is intentional. It is really strange and even cruel that despite the desire of Irom Sharmila of meeting Prime Minister of India, this highest post of democracy is not even giving any attention to it. This is despite the fact that Sharmila’s struggle was also ignored by previous governments and the same policy is continued with the present.
SSSC see that such a long struggle of 16 years that deserve all the respect has been ignored by world;s largest democracy. It is mo\re unfortunate that though Sharmila’s movement is a non violent one, no efforts was done by government to negotiate or even to talk with her. SSSC also see that 16 years is such a long time for any protest and this is high time when Government must start taking positive action towards it.
SSSC will continue its struggle to demand for Repeal of AFSPA from all religions, but at the same time, it also appeals with government of India to listen Irom Sharmila and to start talk with her. We also appeal Prime Minister of India to find some time for this Iron Lady of Manipur who is one of the most respected and prominent women of the globe and a symbol of courage and determination.” the statement adds.


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