Nothing anti-tribal about Bills : Kh Mani


IMPHAL, May 8: Senior Advocate Khaidem Mani has urged the individuals who represent certain organisations in describing the three ILPS Bills as anti-tribal Bills to spell out the Clauses which go against the interest of the tribal people of the State.
Speaking to reporters at Loklaobung, the senior Advocate said that the issue must be debated publicly in the presence of the State and National media to clear the doubts and misunderstandings.
In fact, many tribal leaders, intellectuals and legal luminaries have opined that the three Bills do not have any Clause which go against the interest of tribal people of the State, he said.
However, there are certain ambiguous Clauses which would be inapplicable in actual practice in some areas, he said and added that these Clauses can be amended after the Bills are converted into Acts.
Particularly in Protection of Manipur People’s Bill, 2015, the definitions of ‘Manipur people’ and ‘native’ require rectification, the senior Advocate observed.
He further said that the remaining two Bills do not require any rectification.
As such, all these three Bills are neither communal nor anti-tribal, he observed.
The senior Advocate further said that according to the Constitution of India, no House enjoys the privilege of passing any Bill which is communal or which goes against the interest of any particular community.
The three ILPS Bills were passed by the State Assembly on August 31, 2015.


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