On completing two years in office: Change has come


Narendra-Modi-president-of-IndiaCourtesy Asian Age
New Delhi, May 29 : Expressing satisfaction with several highlights of the NDA Government in the last two years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that in a democracy it is extremely important to analyse one’s work with that of the previous regime, and, after closely scrutinising his government’s works, people can clearly see that on one hand there is an agenda of development while on the other hand there is an agenda of obstructionism.
Referring to “constant criticism” by the media, Modi sarcastically remarked that it is natural for those whose illicit funds have been curbed by the Government to criticise him.
The country’s entrails, he said, had been eaten up by the termites of corruption, and these termites need to be wiped out. Listing various incidents of malpractice and corruption which the Government came across while initiating measures like direct benefit transfers through Aadhar cards and bank accounts, the PM said he will strive harder in the coming three years to wipe out corruption.
Prime Minister Modi said that in the last two years he has taken several steps to curb corruption and was all for scrutiny of his and his Government’s performance.
“I want to say one thing. On one hand there is the agenda of development and on the other hand is the agenda of obstructionism,” he said.
In a thinly veiled attack on the previous UPA Government, he said those who have indulged in corrupt activities are bound to feel uneasy when good work is done and scrutinised in the light of their own (poor) performance.
“Jinhone aaj tak khaya hai, unhe to takleef honi hi hai. Desh ka paisa vyarth nahin jayega, hum bhrashtachar ke khilaaf apna kaam karte rahenge,” he said.
The Prime Minister, in a half-hour speech to his Council of Ministers towards the culmination of an over six-hour long socio-cultural and political extravaganza marking the Government’s two years in power, said he felt extremely satisfied by the fact that his Government’s works have lived up to the scrutiny of the common man.
Highlighting the various measures undertaken by the NDA Government towards ensuring transparency in disbursal of LPG subsidies and distribution of other subsidised items by linking them with Aadhar numbers and Jan Dhan bank accounts, Mr Modi said doing so saved around Rs 15,000 crore of public money as lakhs and crores of fake bank accounts and ration card holders were brought under the net.
Speaking at the “Ek Nayi Subah” event, which was held in a talkathon format spread over nearly six hours with most of the Ministers in attendance against the backdrop of India Gate, the Prime Minister said his Government has not taken any decision with “mala fide intention”.


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