Pro-ILPS protests go on unabated


pro-ilps-protestsIMPHAL, Jun 12: Different forms of demonstrations were held today along Chingmei-Awang Sekmai stretch of Imphal-Dimapur highway demanding enactment of the three Bills by the State Assembly passed last year.

The protest demonstrations were marked by blocking of half of the road, staging of sit-in and shouting of slogans. The demonstrations were held at Chingmeirong Nong-pok and Nongchup, Sangak- pham, Mantripukhri, Khabam Lamkhai, Koirengei, Nila-kuthi, Khongampat, Pheidinga, Maharabi and Awang Sekmai.

Members of JCILPS Women’s Wing raised slogans along with the protesters at the venues.
‘ILPS should be implemented in Manipur,’ ‘Points agreed between JCILPS and the State Government should be implemented,’ ‘We condemn wanted tag placed on former JCILPS convener Ratan,’ ‘Arresting of protesters will not suppress the movement,’ ‘Manipurna yaiphare!’ etc.
Movement along the highway was halted when the protesters shouted the slogans. The JCILPS announced to launch different forms of agitation since June 7. The protest will go on till June 15. Similar protest will be held along Tiddim road from Keishampat till Nambol tomorrow.


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