Thadou bodies serve ultimatum Sadar Hills district demand raised again


sadar-hillsKANGPOKPI, Jun 12: Taking strong exception to the repeated assurance given by the State Government, Thadou civil organisations have served an ultimatum to the State Government to upgrade Sadar Hills to a full-fledged district within the first week of July. The ultimatum came after a crucial joint meeting of Thadou Students Association (TSA), Thadou Women’s Association (TWA) and Thadou Youth’s Association (TYA) was held at Motbung today.

The bodies discussed the repeated assurance given by the State Government on the issue which has left the people of Sadar Hills pursuing the demand for long four decades. Speaking to reporters, Thadou bodies spokesperson Henkai Sitlhou said that it was also resolved during the meeting that all the MLAs and MDCs of Sadar Hills must tender resignation if the demand is not fulfilled within the first week of July. It was also resolved that if the MLAs and MDCs fail to comply with the resolution, they shall face public boycott in Sadar Hills, he added.

The spokesperson further said that Manipur Government particularly the Congress-led Government had repeatedly assured to declare Sadar Hills a full-fledged district. The same assurance was given recently in April and May this year as well, he said. “Denying our Fundamental Rights for 40 years is aimed at infusing communal hatred and subduing the interests of the people of Sadar Hills”, the spokesperson said.

Successive Governments since 1974 have failed to fulfil the wish of Sadar Hills people, he lamented. It is tantamount to deprivation of economic development, social upliftment and political growth, he said. Henkai Sitlhou further said, “As our legitimate demand is being continuously denied and cleverly delayed for more than 40 years we are now compelled to fight with whatever resources we have”. Thadou bodies also vowed to no longer fall prey to more delaying tactics of the Government, he said.


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