Traffic Circus : Manipur Style Lack of civic sense


Driving is much more than just pressing the clutch, putting the gear and slowly releasing the clutch to put the vehicle into motion. The responsibility that comes along with driving a vehicle is immense and this is one reason why driving license is issued only after an individual reaches a certain age. Apart from mastering the traffic rules and regulations and adhering to rules, it is also important for everyone behind the wheels to develop civic sense. It is to address the traffic chaos on the roads of Imphal that The Sangai Express has taken upon itself the task of publishing a series of stories, based on inputs from the readers. Interactions with the readers and the reports thus published under the slogan Traffic Circus : Manipur Style, have more than revealed that the primary reason for the traffic snarls witnessed on the roads of Imphal are man made. Thanks to the mentality that the road is free for all, one finds vehicles parked haphazardly all over the place, thereby leading to traffic snarls. Moreover it is not uncommon to see many breaking traffic rules including the one way norms. True the number of vehicles has increased manifold in the last few years, but to say that the traffic circus that one witnesses daily on the roads of Imphal is due to the overwhelmingly large number of vehicles would be missing the trees for the woods. A little consideration for the others and sticking to traffic rules and regulations can certainly go some way in addressing the traffic chaos that one sees on the roads of Imphal daily.
There are many reasons for the increase in the number of vehicles in the last few years. Easy bank loans, more earning capacity of the people and the availability of a large number of vehicles of different companies, have all combined for the sharp increase in the number of vehicles. Yes the number of vehicles have increased manifold, but the roads remain more or less the same. All the more reason for the people to be more responsible while driving. And it is here that certain posers may be raised to the Government and the highly placed officials on why they never hesitate to block roads whenever they have to attend a public function. One just has to recall August 13 this year when road blocks were put up at different points, leading to massive traffic jams all over. The security personnel, particularly the Army and the Assam Rifles personnel too should come to the realisation that they do not have the right of way. Nothing is more demeaning than to be shooed away by the wailing beacon on their vehicles or waved aside. It is also not uncommon to see heavy vehicles of the security personnel parked plum in the middle of the busy commercial centres of Imphal. A dose of civic sense, coupled with the realisation that driving entails responsibilities will go some way in easing traffic flow in Imphal.


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