‘Time bomb’ remark draws ‘be the detector’ retort O Joy gives it back to Deputy CM word for word


e-front-__-o-joy-bjp-press-meetIMPHAL, Sep 15: Reacting to Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam’s remark that a time bomb is embedded in the Framework Agreement inked between NSCN (IM) and BJP-led Government at the Centre, BJP Manipur Pradesh spokesperson O Joy said that Gaikhangam may act as the detector of the said bomb if he is really concerned about the territorial integrity of Manipur.
Addressing a press conference at their Nityaipat Chuthek office, the seasoned politician asked the Deputy Chief Minister not to resort to anything nonsensical in the name of protecting the territorial integrity of the State.
Congress may put in their efforts to uphold the territorial integrity, likewise BJP would also do its bit regarding the issue, he said.
Stating that he has a good knowledge about the traits of Congress, O Joy alleged that the issue of territorial integrity was a creation of Congress party.
He reminded that the demand for Naga integration was encouraged by an agreement inked between United Naga Integration Council and the Congress leaders of North East region on August 4, 1972.
O Joy said that the agreement stated that “Congress party doesn’t oppose Naga integration movement. Naga integration is not an anti-National, unconstitutional and anti-party activity.”
Saying that this agreement emboldened the Naga movement, the veteran politician said that BJP simply got entangled on June 18, 2001 in this trap laid by Congress in 1972.
Maintaining that BJP National president Amit Shah had publicly clarified that not even an inch of Manipur’s territory would be affected due to the Framework Agreement, O Joy said that BJP still has a clear stand not to compromise with the territorial integrity of Manipur.
Taking a dig at Gaikhangam’s remark on worthless politicians joining BJP, O Joy said that he does not know why the Deputy Chief Minister takes those who are with the Congress as ‘golden people’ and those who had ditched the party as worthless.
O Joy asked Gaikhangam to be careful so that he does not join those who had fled Congress.
He said that it seems that Gaikhangam looks at everything through a black lens. O Joy said that Gaikhangam’s statement reminds him the story of ‘fox and sour grapes’.
Stating that BJP has a well-planned strategy to topple the current Congress Government, O Joy said that all the like-minded politicians had joined hands to translate this strategy into reality and the Deputy Chief Minister thinks this endeavour as worthless people joining BJP.
He said that Governor Najma Heptulla had said that she would help RIMS in upgrading itself into a premiere institute yesterday while speaking at the foundation day of the medical institute.
O Joy drew the attention of the Governor to the need for proper channelising of funding pattern as an institute which runs under All India Medical Act.
He also urged the Governor to look into the matter of prevalence of corruption in the appointments of RIMS’ Director and the VC of Manipur University.
Speaking at the press conference, BJP State Election Management Committee convenor Th Chaoba expressed wonder how Gaikhangam could tell that the Framework Agreement is a ‘time bomb’ as he appended his signature in serial number two when the President took approval of the Naga MLAs regarding Naga integration.
As such, the Deputy Chief Minister is one who had planted the time bomb, Chaoba said.
Stating that only the Chief Minister and Prime Minister must be aware about the points included in the Framework Agreement, Th Chaoba said that the Chief Minister of Manipur is still tight-lipped although he had met the Prime Minister on the issue atleast once or twice.
As such, it would be good for the Deputy Minister if he maintains silence on the issue, he said.



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