Amit Shah versus Gaikhangam Battle of the wits and tongue


Time bomb in Framework Agreement signed between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India last year. This was Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam while addressing a one day political conference on Empowerment of Panchayati Raj Institute at Congress Bhawan on September 14. Not an inch of the State boundary to be affected. This was Amit Shah, the National president of the BJP while addressing a mammoth gathering at Hapta Kangjeibung. Tough to say how things will unwind, as no one seems to know the finer aspects of the Framework Agreement signed last year, but here one can see the BJP and the Congress playing to the gallery on the territorial integrity of the State in the backdrop of the agreement signed between New Delhi and the Naga outfit. The coming days will tell which way the wind will blow, but it is interesting to see the two major political parties wooing the people ahead of the Assembly election, scheduled to be held in the early part of next year. So basically September 14, 2016 was a sort of a verbal duel between the BJP and the Congress, led by Amit Shah and Gaikhangam and difficult to say who was more effective. So while Amit Shah went hammer and tongs against the Congress Government here on alleged corruption, Gaikhangam did not lag behind  likening the BJP to a political party filled with ‘immigrants.’
Beware of the BJP, was the line of the Deputy Chief Minister while Amit Shah on the other hand pointed out that Congress Governments have been trounced in Assam, Nagaland and Sikkim and predicted that Manipur’s turn will come next year when the State goes to polls. Difficult to say how the election next year will unfold, but it was refreshing to see Gaikhangam at his witty best while going full blast against the BJP.  A political party of immigrants, need for a political ILP, beware of the BJP like the warning beware of dog, time bomb in Framework Agreement and certainly the man from Nungba Assembly Constituency demonstrated what oratorial skill is all about. More than an indication that the 2017 Assembly election is poised to see some interesting debates and witty remarks from the heavy weights of the Congress and the BJP. Certainly the people can look ahead to interesting times, but at the same time, let there be no political punches below the belt. Election campaigning should not be reduced to an exercise in lung power. Sticking to this line will make democracy all that more meaningful. Let the debate of September 14 be the precursor of things to come.


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