A common objective for Central Nagaland Tribes Council


Ao Senden, Lotha Hoho and Sumi Hoho- dissociated from the Naga Hoho as per the August 24 meeting resolution adopted by the Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) of which all three are members, after the 30-day deadline on Naga Hoho expired on August 31, 2016.
CNTC had opposed the recognition of Rongmei as an indigenous tribe of Nagaland by the state government on the strength of recommendation purportedly issued by Naga Hoho in 2008. The first to dissociate was Lotha Hoho, followed by Sumi Hoho and then Ao Senden.
Ao legislators followed by Sumi legislators made fervent appeals on their respective apex tribe bodies not to dissociate from Naga Hoho on the ground of the “ongoing Naga political talks being at a crucial stage.”

When contacted on the matter, an official of CNTC told Nagaland Post that despite such appeals, the decisions of the three tribes to dissociate from Naga Hoho was final. The official also said the plea of “ongoing Naga political talks” had nothing to do with the Rongmei issue since it was purely a social matter.

News Source: Nagaland Post


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