Assam tea can foster Euro-Assam relations


assam-teaGUWAHATI: Noted Estonian writer, translator and artist Margus Lattik on Sunday said Assam tea could hold the key to forging a stronger relation between Assam and Europe.

“Through Assam tea, people will know more about Assam. That’s already a good starting point,” Lattik said. Lattik, who goes by the pen name Mathura, is credited with taking Assamese literature to Europe’s doorstep.

Hailing Assam’s black tea for its unique properties, Lattik said all that is needed now is to shape the direction in which the reputation the tea already enjoys can take.

“From what I know, northeast India is a unique part of the country. The uniqueness of the Assam tea just needs to be voiced more emphatically,” Lattik said. “There needs to be a vision about what has to be accomplished and how to achieve that,” he added.

Lattik’s translation of Assamese poet Bijoy Sankar Barman’s compilation of poems, ‘Pisarateoja Ketetong’ or ‘The Streaming Tears of Ketetong’, will be out in a few days.


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