Demonstrating concern for the students Packed like sardines


Concern for the young students. This is the sentiment which the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has demonstrated in its suggestions to schools affiliated to the Board to see ways in which the weight of school bags can be reduced. Whether the suggestion can be complied with or not is a different matter but in issuing such a suggestion, the CBSE has demonstrated that it is looking beyond the job of annually conducting the Class X and Class XII examinations and other academic related activities and this is something which should be welcomed by all. Only right that all schools affiliated to the Board also study ways on how to respond to the gesture of the CBSE. Other States or Boards too can take a leaf out from the suggestions of the CBSE and see how to make learning more fun for the young minds. This is where the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BOSEM) and the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM) can take a leaf or two out from the CBSE. This is perhaps the right time for BOSEM and COHSEM to study how the young students are being transported by school vans everyday. More than apparent that the schools have done nothing to address this issue and it is only right that the Board and Council step in and see if they can help enforce the instruction issued earlier to limit the number of students that a school van can carry.
Packed like sardines and this is definitely not the way to subject the young kids while travelling to school everyday. Apart from the extremely uncomfortable manner in which school kids have to travel to school and come back everyday, the safety question also comes to mind. Frightening it is to think what will happen if any of the school vans meet with an accident while ferrying the young students. If a crack down can be launched when more than two travel on a two wheeler, then there is no reason why school vans carrying more than the limited number of students should not be penalised. Limiting the number of students which a school van can carry has already been announced by the Government, but the question is how effectively this has been implemented on the ground. Since the Board and Council cannot possibly go and inspect each and every school van, why not come out with a directive to all schools to strictly ensure that all the school vans follow the order of the Government. Take the parents and guardians on board too and see if they are happy with the way their young children are being packed into the school vans.


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