‘Flying Rs 10 notes’ on the roads : People are witnesses


e-front-__-traffic-6IMPHAL, Sep 13: All passengers are witnesses to how TCP personnel, VDF and even police personnel have been taking Rs 10 each from diesel autos. Yet, it is not clear whether the money is taken according to rules or whether it is collected whimsically.
They take Rs 10 notes quite openly without any sense of shame or remorse. It has become a culture among those assigned to manage traffic flow.
A large number of diesel autos which do not possess necessary permits operate to and from Imphal city. They can enter the city limits after meaningful ‘hand-shakes’.
Once these meaningful ‘hand-shakes’ are done, diesel autos are free to enter any part of Imphal city. In another word, these ‘hand-shakes’ have a big hand in making Imphal city congested. As such, any attempt to address the issue of traffic congestion in Imphal city should start by bringing these ‘hand-shakes’ under effective control.
Auto drivers know by instinct that they must pay Rs 10 if they are halted in the middle of the road and TCP personnel or VDF or whoever they are start tapping their vehicles with batons.
Once the money is paid, diesel autos can move ahead if they are prohibited on the particular roads.
One diesel auto driver who operates between Uripok Cheirap Court and Imphal West DC office said, on condition of anonymity, that Rs 10 notes are ‘flying around’ in some areas of Khwairamband Keithel.
Although the driver refused to point out all the areas where Rs 10 notes are ‘flying’, he disclosed that MG Avenue is one such area.
Even though it sounds strange, people know those men who have been catching these flying notes. If one needs changes of Rs 10 notes, they are readily available with those men, said the driver.
One Sinam Bhogen of Khumbong remarked that there were signs of insincerity on the part of those managing traffic at Imphal even though they looked impressive to a casual onlooker.
Barricades are put up at different places along different routes and people are told that entry through such and such points are restricted. But a careful observation reveal that some people are somehow allowed to move through the barricades and the restricted entry points.
If entry through any point is restricted, the restriction should be applied to one and all. Partiality on the part of those manning the barricades/entry points has been multiplying the woes of traffic congestion, Bhogen said.
One Sanaton of Keirao said that TCP personnel, VDF and Motor Vehicle officials should take up necessary action as per law rather than letting off motorists after taking some money in case they are found not in possession of complete documents.


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