‘IFCD wasting huge public fund and flouts standard procedures’


IMPHAL | September 24

Lack of coordination and proper planning in execution of various works in the Irrigation & Flood Control Department, government of Manipur has led to wastage of huge public expenditure.

 According to the Report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India for the period ending 31st March 2015, which was released recently, the state Irrigation & Flood Control Department, IFCD is found to have incurred a wasteful expenditure of Rs. 165.40 lakh and an extra expenditure of Rs. 54.88 lakh due to faulty design/drawing and deviations from standard norms.

 It may be mentioned that the Central Water Commission, CWC under the government of India approved the design for construction of bypass arrangement of water conductor system to provide water for power generation and irrigation purposes for the Thoubal Multi-purpose project in November 2011.

As per the approved design, a slide gate was to be constructed at an elevation of 814.55 metre, for which the Executive Engineer Thoubal project-II, IFCD awarded the work costing Rs. 339.31 lakh to the contractor in August 2012. The works were completed by early 2013 and an amount of Rs. 207.71 lakh was paid, cited the Report.

However, the design of the work was changed by the Central Water Commission in April 2013 due to technical inconsistency after the work was completed,  thereby incurring a wasteful expenditure of Rs. 165.40 lakh. Wastage of public fund could have been avoided, if the purpose, requirement, use and operation of water conductor system had been fully understood at the planning stage, observed the CAG Report.

 Moreover, the Department also incurred an extra expenditure of Rs. 54.88 lakhs for the same work due to non-adherence to recommendations of the Central Water Commission.

 In another instance, the IFC Department Manipur awarded the work ‘Construction of right side main canal’ of Khuga Irrigation Project – Earthwork to a contractor at a tendered amount of Rs. 89.27 lakh in June 2008, and the contractor was to excavate and dispose of the soil to a 2 km lead. Again in August 2008, the Department awarded another work for earthwork to another contractor for adjoining stretch of 1 km at the cost of Rs. 98.86 lakh. The Audit Report charged that the Department incurred a wasteful expenditure of Rs. 69.71 lakh by awarding two separate works for transportation of soil due to unplanned and uncoordinated execution of work.

 Even though the matter for wasteful expenditure was reported to the government, no reply has been given, mentioned the Audit report.


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