JCILPS women leaders fume after attempt to meet Guv foiled


The Joint Committee Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) Women’s Wing lamented that a team of its leaders was denied a meeting with the Governor Dr Najma A Heptula on the grounds that visiting hour for the day was over.

Meanwhile, during a press conference called at the office of the JCILPS today, convernor in charge of the committee BK Moirangcha announced that the committee will check entry of any migrants into the state starting tomorrow until the government passes a new Bill safeguarding the indigenous population of the state.

He further told media persons that the committee will also not allow any non-local vendors vending their wares at the Ima Keithels.

The people of the state should also not allow non-locals to cast their votes in any election, Moirangcha added.

On the other hand, a group of JCILPS women wing volunteers led by covenor Th Apabi, Momon Leima and co-convenor S Memcha Leima marched towards the Raj Bhawan from Keishampat side around 3pm today to meet the Governor.

The team was stopped near the Keishampat Thoubal bus parking lot by a strong contingent of Imphal West police.

From there, the police allowed only four leaders of the group to go till the Raj Bhawan gate, where they met with secretary to the Governor who informed that visiting hours of the day was over and urged the team to leave an application seeking appointment with the Governor for the next day.

In their reply, the women leaders argued that they want to meet the Governor for only a couple of minutes, however, their request was turned down.

Meanwhile, condemning the denial, Apabi told media persons that people of the state irrespective of being old, young, women or men have been struggling for so long to safeguard the rights of the indigenous people.

However, the Governor has denied meeting with the women volunteers which wouldn’t have even lasted 10 minutes, she lamented.

She said now they will submit an application seeking appointment as have been instructed. She said we will also highlight the issue before the Governor.

Apabi also demanded that the state government should call an Assembly session at the earliest to table the draft ILP bill and passed it.


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