Man held for raising hoax bomb threat at Imphal airport


A Delhi bound 39-year-old was arrested after he allegedly shouted of having a bomb in his luggage by security personnel at the Imphal International Airport.

The outburst eventually delayed flights departing the airport by more than two hours today.

Robinson Paotei, 39, son of Raphie Paotei of Purul Atongba Village, Senapati district was going to New Delhi with two other friends on an Air Asia flight.

Air India authorities also denied his two friends D Seikou Paomei of Taphou village and Ng Hraili Paomei of Paomata village, both from Senapati district from boarding the flight.

Robinson was later handed over to the police who were called in following the incident.

According to concerned authorities, Robinson was in queue for the security check in for the New Delhi bound Air Asia flight around 10:30 am when he screamed he has a bomb in his luggage. The flight was supposed to take off at 11:30am.

Hearing the scream, the security personnel took him in and conducted a screening of his luggage and his body, however, no explosive devices were found, according to sources.

Robinson was handed over to the police for further interrogation later this evening around 5 pm.

Sources also said Robinson is a computer technician currently employed at a private firm in New Delhi and along with his two colleagues he was about to take the flight to New Delhi via Guwahati.


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