Education key to promoting and preserving identity: Nemcha Kipgen


Elevating her campaign to strengthen the Kuki community of the state, Kangpokpi Assembly constituency MLA Nemcha Kipgen called for revitalising the identity and culture of Thadou tribe, the second largest tribe in the state.

She was speaking as chief guest in the annual meet of Thadou Students’ Association Delhi and National Capital Region at Shankarlal Concert Hall, North Campus New Delhi on October 8. The meet was also attended by Th Joy Haokip, deputy director, Army headquarter, Delhi and L Kipgen, president Thadou Inpi of Delhi and NCR as guest of honour and president respectively.

Nemcha Kipgen motivated the Thadou student stating that education is the key to preserving, promoting and advancing the identity, culture and language of any community.

She said Thadou tribe is the largest among other tribes of the Kukis and the second largest tribe in Manipur. However, due to lack of concern of the community, the identity, culture and even the language of Thadou are in jeopardy. “The student community must pay utmost attention in this regards”, she said.

While emphasising the need to have a sense of identity, she said that it allows people to stand out as individuals, develop a sense of well-being and importance, and fit in with certain groups and cultures.

The MLA continued that culture is a defining feature of a person’s identity, contributing to how they see themselves and the group with which they identify and share cultural bonding with.

Underlining the importance of language, Nemcha said language is fundamental to cultural identity and besides it being a means of communication, it is also an intrinsic part of cultural expression.

“Our unique world is expressed through our language and therefore it is vital to keep it alive”, she added.

Traditional dance of the popular Thadou folk song, “Khongbaijo lam lamlou vo e nanao akap akap’e” by Lenchonghoi cultural troupe enthralled the gathering. Thadou freshers in the national capital were introduced during the meet while Pastor Thanga Singson invoked blessing prayer for the fresher.

Various other Thadou cultural troupes displayed various traditional dances while noted Thadou pop singer Kakai Kipgen, Mawinu, Mimin, Nu Paru entertained the crowd with their melodious tune.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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