New AMUCO office bearers sworn in


amuco-office-bearersIMPHAL, Oct 3: A new group of office bearers of the All Manipur United Clubs Organisation (AMUCO) was sworn in today. AMUCO election committee (2016) chairman Ito Tongbram and outgoing AMUCO president Dr Y Mani Khuman attended the swearing in ceremony as chief guest and president respectively. Ito Tongbram administered the oath of office and secrecy to the new office bearers. While Ph Deban Sharma has been appointed as president, T Gandhi, Ph Nando Luwang, K Helen, NC Modhuchandra and Sharat Golmei were appointed as vicepresidents. S Sanjoy has been elected as secretary general while Y Ranbir, S James, I Brojen and NC Munim have been given the posts of finance secretary, welfare secretary, publicity secretary and office secretary respectively. Altogether 18 new office bearers including four assistant secretaries and executive members were sworn in today. Leaders of different civil society organisations were also present at the swearing in ceremony.

Speaking at the  gathering,newly elected AMUCO president Ph Deban Sharma  asserted that AMUCO is always committed to protecting the territorial integrity of Manipur and uphold its pluralistic character. AMUCO has nothing to say when the Government of India and NSCN-IM strike an agreement provided it is confined within the State of Nagaland but AMUCO would not tolerate any form of solution which infringes upon the integrity of Manipur. Manipur is not a land of a single community. It is the home to many diverse ethnic communities. As such, the Government should not pursuany ethno-exclusive agenda. The search for ways and means by some Meiteis for the survival of Meitei alone is a matter of serious concern. Such parochial agenda driven by singular consideration for reservation or quota which may create animosity among different communities is something all must avoid, he added.

The primary task of AMUCO is to consolidate all the ethnic groups and build a united Manipur. He said that his first priority as AMUCO president would be making up the trust deficit that exists among different communities of the State. Together with civil society organisations which are working together with AMUCO, it would talk face to face with all ethnic communities one after another. AMUCO would also pay special focus on nurturing a healthy work culture so as to make Manipur self reliant economically. Protection of environment and ecology, and human resource development  are some other agenda of AMUCO, Deban said. He then urged the Manipur University authority to bring a solution to the reservation imbroglio within the next two/ three days.


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