TRAFFIC CIRCUS : MANIPUR STYLE – Parking, cross-over by VIPs congest traffic


vips-congest-trafficIMPHAL, Oct 3 : The main factors for traffic congestion at Babupara where many key Government offices including the Civil Secretariat are located are parking of vehicles on either side of the road and cross-over by VIPs from the western lane to the eastern lane and vice versa. Many offices like CM Secretariat, police headquarters, Transport Department, Old Secretariat, New Secretariat, TD office and General Post Office are located on either side of Babupara Road. As officers, staff and visitors to these offices cross from one lane to the other, the flow of traffic is blocked every few minutes. Many Cabinet Ministers and the Chief Secretary have their offices in the Old Secretariat and the New Secretariat. As Ministers come and leave their offices, they often cross from one lane to the other. In the process, the normal flow of traffic is disrupted resulting in traffic congestions every now and then. These scenes of traffic congestion are more frequent and lengthy during lunch hours and officeclosing hours.

Nonetheless, a new Civil Secretariat complex is being constructed at Chingmeirong with a view to shift Secretariat office from Babupara. Parking lots are also developed in front of the new Civil Secretariat on both sides of NH-150. As the highway has been expanded considerably along this section, the parking lots do not infringe upon the highway. Yet it is most likely that congested situation seen today at Babupara may resurface at Chingmeirong as when the Civil Secretariat is shifted there which would entail shifting of a large number of offices for VVIPs, VIPs and bureaucrats. VVIPs, VIPs and bureaucrats coming from South would not create much problem but those coming from
the North would certainly entail disruption of normal traffic flow as they would need to cross from the eastern lane to the western lane. A similar situation would be created by the VVIPs, VIPs and bureaucrats coming from the South when they leave their offices. The new Civil Secretariat is being constructed with a vision for many years to come. The State Government has plans to construct a ring road around Imphal city and also a by-pass so that heavy vehicles do not pass through the heart of the capital city. It would be prudent on the part of the State Government if they give a little thought to avoid disruption of normal traffic flow at Chingmeirong on account of VVIPs, VIPs and bureaucrats coming to and leaving their offices at the new Secretariat complex.


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