Blockade and counter blockade hits life in hills


The indefinite economic blockade called by the United Naga Council along the national highways in the state since November 1 and the counter blockade called by valley based associations since November 12 at different locations of the state capital have inflicted hardships on the general public in the hill districts.

Sources said counter blockade supporters have allegedly seized any essential commodities meant for the hill districts even if it were a small quantity at Khuyathong.

Kangpokpi bound passengers have alleged the counter blockade supporters of seizing even medical items at Khuyathong today.

A woman from Sapormeina in Sadar Hills alleged that they went to Imphal for medical treatment and bought some medicine related items as prescribed by the doctor but the counter blockade supporters at Khuyathong seized all the items.

She said that even if medical related items were not spared it is no less than intentionally killing the patients. The counter blockade supporters need to understand the necessity of an emergency service and items on humanitarian ground, she added.

Another passenger complained that even eatables of small children were seized by the counter blockade supporters inside the bus.

An enraged leader of one prominent Sadar Hills civil body said that “amidst their disappointment and sorrow over the repeated betrayal of the state government, we have patiently bear the economic blockade and the counter blockade burden for long and if it is not suspended at the earliest it will definitely compel us to take another drastic step.”

Another passenger of a Kangpokpi bus opined that it will be wise on the part of counter blockade supporters to sensibly implement the counter blockade.

Meanwhile, commodities price at Kangpokpi are skyrocketing due to the economic blockade and counter blockade while petrol price reach Rs. 250-300/- per litre, diesel oil rose to Rs. 120-150/- per litre.

Many essential commodities are drying up in the wholesale market and retail market respectively rendering complete vertigo to the innocent people apart from the untold misery face by the people due to demonetisation.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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