Center expert team feels Koutruk will helpful and seen better site for National Sport University


A central team has observed that the Koutruk site is a better option than Yaithibee Loukon for the sports university.

A central team consisting of Sunil Garg from Union ministry of sports & youth affairs and a high ranking SAI official Sanjeet Barawal visited both the Yaithibi Loukon and Koutruk sites along with architects and engineers from Hindustan Steel Construction Ltd.

The central team was welcomed by locals of Koutruk, Senjam Chirang and Khunou at the spot. National sports university construction demand committee Manipur volunteers Sunil, Ram Singh and social worker A Oken from Sekmai along with various locals were present.

The central team had to turn back from Yaithibee Loukon at Thoubal at around 3.20 pm due to public protests.

Najim secretary of JAC Sora said over phone that the construction of Sports University would not be allowed at Yaithibi Loukon at any cost.

However, the team was welcomed by the general public at Koutruk and they interacted with the local people.

While speaking to IFP Sanjeet Barawal said, both the sites have plus and weak points.

He said that Yaithibi Loukon’s plus point is that it is located near the highway. But the land is low laying area more investment would be required for land development.

Whereas in Koutruk people have gifted land for the sports university and there would be less investment and the approach road has to be developed.

On the other hand, the architects from Hindustant Steel Construction Ltd were in favour of the Koutruk site.

The central team led by Sunil Garg again visited the Koutruk site today in the morning and assured the people of Koutruk that the national sports university would most probably contructed at Koutruk.

Ram Singh secretary of Koutruk Senjam Chirang and Khunou development organization said that for national sports university this site was the first selected by state government official.

He further said that the Imphal West DC and SDO have already conducted survey inquiry on July 31, 2014. And the report was also submitted to YAS department that about 203.01 acres is ready and more than 300 acres are available for further expansion in future.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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