Innate goodness of mankind Voice of sanity from the Church


Voice of sanity. And this is what is refreshing and gives all faith in the innate goodness of mankind. Amid the rabble rousing statements and the confrontationist stands, comes the voice of sanity from the Christians of Mao or rather the Churches drawn from all denominations of Mao. Just one day after the Mao Churches came out with its extremely meaningful appeal to the United Naga Council (UNC), the Manipur Baptist Church too has followed suit and urged the UNC to lift the economic blockade to ease the suffering of the common people. This is what gives hope for it underlines the point that despite the rabble rousing, the confronta- tionist stands and the penchant to bleed the people dry under any pretext, there are some who will come to the fore and bat for the common goodness of mankind. What the Mao Christians have had to say makes sense, for they are the people there who have witnessed the hundreds of drivers and their helpers being stranded on the highway since the midnight of October 31. The MBC was also bang on target in urging the UNC to lift the blockade to ‘ease the sufferings and hardships faced by the people of the State.’ Thoughts like these are what the State desperately needs at the moment, for it is more than clear that everyone seems to have been blinded by their own political agenda, that no one today seems to give any thought for the plight of the common people.

As things stand today, there is no indication that the blockade will be lifted any time soon. On the other contrary, the blockade has only been intensified following the arrest of UNC president Gaidon Kamei and another functionary by the State police a few days back. A clear case of refusing to understand the immense suffering the people are made to undergo and the dangerous thing here is the growing tendency of all to view all issues along community divide. Why this is so should be clear to all, but the fact remains that for too long the people have allowed rabble rousers and elements who have perfected the art of delivering hate speech to spell out the agenda for everyone. Why should the people allow such elements to come to the fore and who have mandated them to act and speak on behalf of the people ? This question is applicable to all and not only to those who are seen to be backing the cause of the economic blockade. These are troubled times and to be sure if and when the current impasse is resolved, there will be other issues besieging the State and in the process derail the activities of everyone. So while the rest of the country and the world will focus on the future and see how the youngsters can excel in their chosen field, here people have to worry on where to get their fuel. Better heed the voice of sanity from the Churches of Mao and the MBC.

Source: The Sangai Express


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