Decision of imposing bandh and indefinite economic blockade in Manipur at Naga territories by United Naga Council (UNC)


With due regards, I would like to draw your kind attention of the concerned authorities through the columns of your esteemed newspaper towards with referenced to the subject cited above.
It was very unfortunate and unwise decision taken by UNC announcing 48 hours Total Shut down and followed by indefinite economic blockade on National Highways and ban on National Projects again in all the Naga territories in Manipur from midnight of October 30 against the decision to upgrade Sadar Hills and Jiribam to full-fledged district. With such nasty decision, the common people of all the communities irrespective of different ethnics groups in the State is at crucial position as all the commodities are stopped and with Honorable Prime Minister Modi’s decision against the ban on Rs. 500 and 1000 notes making more worst at peak. There should be different alternatives means of pressuring or demanding the proposal to the Government instead of this frequently happening Bandh / Strike / Indefinite economic blockade etc., and harassing the Common people in the State every time. Destroying and Torching the Vehicles / Threatening / Insults to the poor Drivers and Conductors in view of this blockade is very condemnable and punishable by law. It can be noted that this is an ill treatment towards the mankind. No Organization(s) has the RIGHTS to take LAW at hand and plays the tunes and lives of the common people.
I am very much amused and surprised with the statement when UNC state that “We are the owner of our land and we will never allow anyone to decide for the Nagas, not even an inch of Naga ancestral land and its original should be touched while creating any Districts” in the context of the Manipur state. No one has ever given the obstacles towards the protection and defending of your deserved land practicing and following of Naga Identity, the History, the Tradition, the Culture and the Customs. Is it justifiable to term all the Hilly places of the State are for NAGA or Hilly Tribal Peoples? Does the Hills existed under the territories of Manipur are all made by Hilly People? I have not heard or seen anything like this super natural. When it comes to the Land of Naga(s), it is very clearly existed with full-fledged State called Nagaland. Further, it must be noted that Manipur is not a state with just one (one group) indigenous but residing with different indigenous ethnic groups historically. I would like to mention that the State, Manipur is a State of diversity including the Meeteis, Aimol, Anal, Angami, Chiru, Chothe, Gangte, Hmar, Kabui: (i) Puimei (ii) Rongmei, Zemei , Liangmei, Koirao, Koireng, Kom, Lamkang, Mao, Maram, Maring, Mizo (Lushai), Monsang, Moyon, Paite, Purum, Ralte, Sema, Simte, Sukte, Tangkhul, Thadou, Vaiphei, Zou etc., living in different hilly and valleys areas.
I wanted to ask to the Government of India (Central) and Government of State (Manipur) that where is the Law and Order which ensures the protection of the People of this State? Is it all the Policy & Law makers of this region are corrupted or no more will to protect the People of its Country or State? Why these long days of suffered many times are not intervening and not taking necessary steps in time by Government? Why any
Organization with vested interest / ill treatment of the mankind and which are against and harmful to the mankind or common people or mass of the State with respect to the Law of the Country is not being banned or stopped? Is India, A Dictatorship or Democratic Country?
Because of such irresponsible acts of United Naga Council and failure of handling the law governing government / authorities, it may lead and results to hatred and ugly faces and unnecessary communal tensions over different communities. We believe in the co-existence of all mankind irrespective of any cast or religion or color. So before the situation gets more worsen, it is high time to react and act accordingly I with regards to the common people of the


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