JAC Sadar Hills summons MLAs, Congress Councillors on Nov 9


efront-1__sadar-hill1-735x400SADAR HILLS, Nov 6: The Joint Action Committee for Sadar Hills has today called all the three MLAs of Sadar Hills and all the Congress Councillors of ADC Sadar Hills to decide the fate of Sadar Hills on November 9 at Kangpokpi.
JAC Sadar Hills general secretary, Paoboi said that the failure of the Ibobi led Congress Government to declare Sadar Hills as a full-fledged district and the installation of a ‘false plaque’ for the creation of Sadar Hills district have compelled the JAC to call the three Congress MLAs of Sadar Hills and the 20 Congress Councillors of ADC Sadar Hills.
He also said that the three Congress MLAs and the Congress Councillors of ADC Sadar Hills must compulsorily attend the meeting on November 9 at Kangpokpi while urging the Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, SAHILCA, Thadou Inpi, KSO, KWU, TSA, TWA and all the constituent units apart from other various civil society organizations of Sadar Hills to attend the crucial meeting on November 9.
He further said that the November 9 meeting with the three Sadar Hills MLAs and Congress Councillors will decide the fate of Sadar Hills.
Another unconfirmed source of the JAC Sadar Hills said that a public meeting will be convened after the November 9 meeting with the three MLAs and Congress Councillors for further course of action on the Sadar Hills issue.
Some sections of Sadar Hills people are in favour of boycotting the Congress party in Sadar Hills in the upcoming 2017 Assembly election while some suggested extreme agitation including total bandh, blockade apart from boycotting DC and SP Senapati in Sadar Hills unless DC and SP are deputed to Sadar Hills.
However, it cannot be established so far whether Congress party will be boycotted in Sadar Hills or any kind of bandh, blockade, strike, etc will be imposed on the issue.
Further course of action over Sadar Hills issue will be clear and made public only after the November 9 meeting and public meeting.
The Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, SAHILCA and other civil society organizations including the JAC had earlier asked the Chief Minister and his Government to apologise for installing the the alleged ‘Bluffing Plaque’ on or before November 9 which is yet to be responded.
The people of Sadar Hills do not want to remove the ‘Bluffing Plaque’ installed at ADC Complex stating that it should serve as a reminder to how the Ibobi led Government dishonoured its promise to upgrade Sadar Hills to the status of a full fledged district.
Condemnations aginst the state Congress Government is continuously posted in various social media particularly in various Sadar Hills WhatsApp group and Facebook till today while the plaque become a mockery of the Congress Government in Manipur like the Parliament Act, 1971 which is also termed as a ‘Mockery Act’ by various civil society organization leaders.

Source: The Sangai Express


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