Making the common people suffer Politics of eco blockade


It is more than obvious. On record any economic blockade is invariably against the decision or agenda of the State Government but in reality it is the people who suffer. The ongoing economic blockade imposed by the United Naga Council since midnight of October 31 is not an exception. So while the blockade is against any agenda of the Government to declare Sadar Hills and Jiribam as full fledged districts, in reality it is the people who suffer. Making things more complex and more dangerous is the point that not all the people are equally hit hard by the blockade. So while some districts may be treated softly, maybe due to geographical location, there are some districts which bear the full brunt and invariably Imphal, the capital of Manipur is hit the hardest. Interestingly Imphal is also home to different communities, but such is the impact of blockade that all who settle at the capital of Manipur are invariably hit hard. This is where different interpretations can be read and while this is not a healthy sign and can give rise to dangerous repercussions, those behind the blockade call should also come face to face with this reality. No point in taking cover under an alibi, such as a stand against the State Government. Also important for the people to study who stand to gain from such a situation, that is a situation when people start targeting each other in the name of lodging a protest or making a stand known to the Government.

And this is exactly what seems to be happening whenever an economic blockade is imposed on the lifelines of the State. All the more reason for the people to be wary of the design of some elements who may stand to gain a lot by sowing seeds of suspicion and hatred amongst the people. This is where the need arises to give space to sane voices in society. Why is this not happening, is the natural question that follows. Maybe it is the indifference of the well intentioned people and maybe it is the machination of some elements who have always been trying to silence the voice of sanity with their rhetoric and lung power. As said earlier, the impact of the ongoing economic blockade is not uniform all over the State. So while a kg of onion may be sold at Rs 60/70 at some places, it may be Rs 40/50 a kg at some places. More than an indication that the blockade is not being imposed with the same severity along all the routes and it is this which should not cloud the better judgement of the people. A telling testimony that some elements are out there working overtime to further widen the gap between the people and it is only right that people cutting across community divide try to edge them out from the mainstream. This is a call to the common people.

Source: Sangai Express


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