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As far as the demonetization is concerned it has the moral high ground because this is an attempt to blast the black money, castrate corruption, kill counterfeit money and of course beget a cashless economy for more accountability & transparency. Fighting a war against the evils will certainly cause some collateral damages and people will understand it. If they don’t what can be done?
There is a lot of hue and cry in every nook and corner of this huge country on the facts and circumstances of demonetization. Some say it is marvelous and others say it is a futile exercise. Economists like MM Singh opines that it is a monumental mismanagement which will dent the growth rate by 2 percent. Common people don’t understand the dynamics of growth rate; they only want good food (if possible with drinks), best clothing (if possible branded), shelter (if possible in beautiful cities), education (if possible in great institutions), employment (if possible with a multinational salary) and healthcare (if possible in the best hospital). People’s expectations are getting higher and higher as an impact of www, mobile(lization), digitalization, globalization etc.
The first benefit of demonetization is that today all of us are saving money in our accounts. Now we cannot withdraw beyond a limit. Our money will swell in the accounts with interest. It is good for us and good for our families too. Every family will have more money and the nation will be richer and more prosperous.
One Multi-Brand Yoga Baba says standing for 2/3 hours is also a good exercise. Instead of sitting idle or sleeping, standing in front of a bank or an ATM is definitely a good thing to do. This ‘ashana’ is so simple and very healthy. But it is not advisable for the aged, high BP or high ‘Sugar’ people.
A gentleman was yelling during a 9 pm national TV news shouting program that “what is good or bad about demonetization, will be decided by the Aam Adami”. Then the representative from the Aam Adami Party responded angrily ” no, we can’t decide everything”. Another beneficial thing about demonetization is that the journos don’t need to run around in quest of news. ‘Demonetization’ is always relevant these days. They can talk, discuss, analyze it from different angles and perspectives.
Enemy countries may not be able to print the new notes in short notice. They need some time to bring out the jali notes. It is believed that this time our own internal technology is used except the papers. The enemy countries may not be able imitate our printing style; even we (the printers) can’t do it repeatedly (identical print is impossible). Once printed is printed. Again, enemy States may not invest billions to print Indian counterfeit notes because they have come know from the reliable sources that high denomination Indian notes are going to be killed shortly.
As a matter of fact, the announcement made by one of the most powerful Parivar people that high denomination notes will be withdrawn in the near future. This announcement will serve two purposes; hoarders will not hoard these currencies. Moreover, the bribe takers may not like to accept them. Givers and takers will have a tough time.
Another secret benefit of this exercise is that there will be maximum flow and circulation of new currency notes in the election bound states like Manipur. Concerned powers, parties and candidates will bring more money in new currency notes. This time, there is extreme possibility to dole out 2000 notes in the hustings because there are no 1000 notes and 500 notes are not sufficient. Whereas 2000 notes are in abundance. The voters will have a gala time in February /March.
Enjoy the windfall. National fraternity and brotherhood (sisterhood) is heightened immensely in this war. In all the battles and skirmishes in front of Banks and ATMs people are meeting, talking and also exchanging greetings. Sometimes they even exchange cards including pin numbers.
Trust level is skyrocketed; while handing over their cards people without any hesitation tell their pin numbers even to the strangers. What a positive change towards harmony! Once we stood unitedly under the leadership of Gandhiji against the British Raj and today the entire nation is standing under the leadership of Modiji against Note Raj. Sooner or later the notorious Note Raj will wither away and a new era of cashless society will emerge.

Source: The Sangai Express


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