Fierce counter blockade at Jiribam

Counter blockade supporters seize goods from vehicles at Jiribam
Counter blockade supporters seize goods from vehicles at Jiribam

A large number of residents of Jiribam today imposed a counter blockade at the Babupara area of Pangaltabi, Jiribam against the United Naga Council’s indefinite blockade.

The counter blockade supporters stopped and checked vehicles to see if they were carrying any edible and essential items.

Edible items and other commodities were taken down and set ablaze.

As part of the counter blockade, edible items were seized from some Cruiser passenger vehicles and the items set ablaze.

Some Indian Made Foreign Liquor bottles were also seized during the counter blockade exercise.

Some of the counter blockade supporters testily said that their counter blockade was called to strengthen UNC’s blockade.

The volunteers also said the UNC’s blockade was biased and as such the counter blockade was imposed; however, it will be called off on the day the blockade is lifted, they added.

On the other hand, 84 oil tankers, 40 LPG bullets and 311 other vehicles are presently stranded at Jiribam and waiting for security escort to leave for Imphal.

Meanwhile, a local source added that a massive sit in protest was held today at Kakching Lamkhai against the UNC indefinite blockade.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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