Spewing communal venom Need for all to keep sanity


These are trying times and not surprisingly there have emerged a number of civil society organisations spewing venom which have all the potential to pitch fork one community against the other. The decision of the State Government to create the seven new districts may be at the centre of it all, but to many, particularly to the Nagas and the Meiteis, today the focus is more on the ongoing economic blockade imposed by the United Naga Council since the midnight of October 31 and the counter blockade imposed in different sections of the valley area. In the process the real issue, that is the creation of the seven new districts, specially the granting of district status to Kangpokpi (Sadar Hills) and Jiribam has been given the quiet burial. And it stands that in the process no one has bothered to even remotely study or question the position of the Meiteis on the creation of the seven new districts or giving district status to Kangpokpi and Jiribam. The stand of the Nagas, led by numerous civil society organisations, is known to all and need not be repeated here. Hence what Manipur sees today is nothing but madness. Officially the economic blockade is against the decision of the State Government to create the seven new districts, but in reality it is the Meiteis who have been hit the hardest, by virtue of the fact that the Meiteis are settled in the land locked valley. This is not to condone what happened along Imphal-Ukhrul road at Khurai on December 18, but stating the reality. This is what is unfortunate, bordering on the tragic.
Adding to the tragedy that is Manipur today, are the statements issued by different civil society organisations, some of which are downright communal and are aimed at adding fuel to fire. It is not without reason why the Editors’ Guild, Manipur (EGM), has issued a statement appealing to all not to issue statements which have the propensity to pitch one community against the other. All responsible civil society organisations should take note of the appeal from the EGM. And this is where the media too need to be extra cautious while covering any incident or referring to any statements issued by different civil society organisations. Let it be clear to all, vitiating the already tense situation will be to the advantage of the nemesis and it is here that one would like to raise the question of whether the statements have been issued in the interest of the community which the organisations claim to represent or to pursue their own personal agenda. At the same time it is also important for the common people to maintain their sanity and not get swayed by emotions.


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