UNC asks Manipur Govt to stop use of force


The United Naga Council (UNC) has asked the Manipur Government to stop “using force against the innocent people” along the highways. “For how long the Manipur Government can use force against the people who are carrying out a democratic movement?” it asked.

The United Naga Council (UNC) while reiterating its position to Newmai News Network this evening stated that the economic blockade is not intended to target the general public but “we are expressing our opposition to the plan of the Manipur Government to create Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts”. The UNC said that the Manipur Government should declare its position “loud and clear” to the people on the issue of Sadar Hills and Jiribam “instead of remaining silent.”

According to the UNC, the Manipur Government’s failure to send its representatives on November 15 to New Delhi for talk points to the latter not wanting to resolve the issue peacefully.

“When the Government of India invited the UNC and Manipur Government to hold talk on November 15, we (UNC) went with a hope to resolve the issue peacefully but the Manipur Government did not send its representatives,” the UNC alleged, adding, “It is the Manipur Government which is trying to create more trouble in the state.” The UNC also alleged that the Manipur Government was discreetly trying to declare Sadar Hills and Jiribam as districts on October 31. “But its plan was exposed by the Nagas,” said the UNC, and asked, “So, who is to be blamed for the prevailing situation in Manipur?”

The UNC further asked the Manipur Government to uphold the Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) on the issue and to also honour the assurance given by the Central Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The UNC also accused the Manipur Government of “working very hard” to paint the Nagas “in a bad light”. The Naga body further demanded the unconditional release of its president, Gaidon Kamei and its Information Secretary, SK Stephen. “They are not criminals,” the UNC asserted.

Source: Morung Express


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