Problems of movement of 500 loaded trucks in single convoy detailed Loaded trucks to line up for Imphal trip from Jiri


efront____-jiriIMPHAL, Jan 10: Goods-laden trucks including all types of fuel tankers that had reached Jiribam for heading towards Imphal have been asked to line up one day ahead of the schedule Imphal trip.
As per directives issued by SP Jiribam under the instruction of DGP Manipur and IG CRPF of Nagaland and Manipur Sector, all the goods-laden trucks including fuel tankers must line up one day ahead of the trip.
The trucks will leave Jiribam for Imphal with CRPF convoy on January 12 at 4 am sharp.
The goods-laden trucks that remained stranded will not be counted as part of the convoy if they fail to reach Jiribam by tomorrow.
They have to wait for the next CRPF escort for heading towards Imphal.
According to the directive of the SP,  the trucks have been asked to line up one day before the Imphal trip as  arrangements have to be made to  distribute coupon and paste stickers on the trucks that will not exceed 500.
The loaded trucks that will be heading for Imphal on January 12 include 4 petrol tankers, 14 diesel tankers and 8 LPG bullet tankers. It is reported that movement of 500 loaded trucks in a single convoy has certain problems.
Makru bridge, which is a key bridge along Imphal-Jiribam highway is not in a very good shape and loaded trucks could not cross it in single file or in quick succession one after another.
At present, loaded trucks have to wait for their turns and they could cross the bridge only after the preceding truck has reached the other end. This is time consuming and only 250 trucks could cross Makru bridge in a day.
Usually 250 out of 500 trucks moving in a single convoy have to spend at least one night on the highway before reaching Imphal which entails many security problems.
As such, many have suggested that it would be far more convenient if the number of loaded trucks moving in a single convoy is restricted to around 250.
Meanwhile, it is reported that loaded trucks which fail to report by 10 pm of the previous day for heading towards Imphal the next day would be left out of the day’s convoy.
Even if the defaulting trucks happen to be oil tankers, they would be left out if they fail to report by 10 pm, sources informed.
It is further reported that trucks which are not embossed with coupons and stickers would not be allowed to move in convoys escorted by security forces.

Source: The Sangai Express


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