CorCom calls total shut down on Feb 25


IMPHAL, Feb 23: Saying that Prime Minister Narendra is the head of the Government of India which has been devising several policies to exterminate the people of Manipur, the Coordination Committee (CorCom) has boycotted the Prime Minister’s scheduled visit to the State in addition to calling a total shut down all over Manipur on February 25.
A statement issued by CorCom appealed to all the people of Manipur to boycott the Prime Minister’s visit and ring out a clear message that the alien rule is not welcomed.
For the past 67 years since Manipur has been allegedly annexed in the Indian Union, people of Manipur have been reeling under all kinds of repressive measures.
To liberate themselves and enjoy a life of dignity, the people have been waging a war of liberation. However, the Government of India has been keeping the State’s economy stunted and spiritless so that Manipur cannot survive on its own and the liberation struggle can be suppressed, it alleged.
Rather than setting up new industrial units for development of the State’s economy, all the productive bases which were already there are being dismantled deliberately so that there is no hint of Manipur’s economic self-reliance when it was not a part of India.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled visit to Imphal on February 25 is another trip aimed at hoodwinking the people of Manipur and at the same time consolidate the alien rule, the CorCom alleged.
The Government of India has been implementing several divisive policies so that the indigenous people of Manipur (Kangleipak) cannot wage a collective war of liberation.
New Delhi has been devising several other policies to completely abolish the composite culture and composite history of Manipur and assimilate all the indigenous people into India. In addition, Indian leaders and their military have been forfeiting basic human rights of the people of Manipur apart from denying their basic human needs. As such, people need not welcome any Indian leaders, it asserted.
It further called a total shut down all over Manipur from 6 am of February 25 till the Indian Prime Minister leaves Manipur. However, medical services, religious activities, media, water supply, electricity and fire services would not be covered by the total shut down, it added.

Source: The Sangai Express


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