11 Lakh Bangladeshi Migrated to North-East India in 1971-83; Read 10 Shocking Revelations by CIA


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently declassified a report of 1983 which stated that 11 lakh Bangladeshi nationals migrated to Northeast India in the period: 1971 to 1983.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States (US) federal government, that is involve with congregation, processing and analysing national security information.

Shockingly the report also mentioned that population growth of Bangladesh plus large scale immigration to all neighboring countries will affect the relation of that country with the neighbors.

This CIA report of 1983, got declassified lately, showed a gloomy picture of the amount of migration of people from Bangladesh due to war for freedom of Bangladesh.

10 Shocking revelations made in the report mentioned below:
1. Very high growth of population in Bangladesh is a matter of deep concern.

2. Foreign donations as well as expertise control measures for population in the country did not produce the desired results.

3. According to estimates and reports that are available (in the CIA report), stated that from 1971 to 1983, no less than 6 lakh Bangladeshi nationals from that country entered Assam, while three lakhs entered Meghalaya and about two lakhs entered Tripura.

4. The ongoing flow of economic migration to India from Bangladesh may affect the relation among the two countries as no one will voluntarily agree to take the migrants, be it Hindus or Muslims.

5. All the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh have high population growth and insufficient financial resources. It will not be possible for them to put up high level of migration of foreign nationals.

6. There will be issues with India and Bangladesh with flow of water rivers.

7. Large number of Hindu as well as Muslim population migrated to India over the year.

8. About one-fourth of Bangladeshi nationals migrating to India, chiefly those who migrated to Assam, were Muslims.

9. The report exposed that early immigration from Bangladesh after its liberation happened in West Bengal. But as the Government of India stiffened security in that area, the Northeast had to face the impact of immigration, that in turn, would stance as threat to regional stability.

10. The CIA also pointed out that initially both India and Bangladesh government showed little interest on the illegal migration issue.

As India decided to start fencing the Indo-Bangla international border to check such illegal migration, it is not enough to save the plight of Assam or any other NE states of India.

Now is the time to deport the Bangladeshi nationals, be it Hindu or Muslim, one by one without hurting nor abusing, but with a coordinated measure with Bangladesh government ensuring that dignity of indigenous people of Assam and other NE states are safeguarded.

Source: Voice Of Greater Assam


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