Ban on cattle slaughter offends minorities: MPCC


IMPHAL | May 28: The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has termed Centre’s decision to ban the sale of cattle for slaughter as a show of contempt of the minority Muslim and tribal communities residing in the country.

Addressing the media in this regards, Wabagai MLA Md Fajur Rahim, said India is a secular state, which is home to different indigenous population with diverse culture and tradition.
However, the decision of the BJP led NDA government has stained the sanctity of secularism by imposing bias rules in favour of a particular section while disregarding the sentiments of several others, he said.

The act is nothing but an act of dictator, opined the MLA. The MLA explained that there are certain food items enjoyed by other groups but considered as a taboo for the Muslim religion. But, the Muslims never criticise on food habits of other community.

Further lamenting the government’s decision to ban slaughter of cows on the eve of Ramadan, the holy month of the Muslims across the globe, the MLA termed it as a deliberate act of insult to Islam.

He also demanded answers from Muslim and tribal leaders in the BJP whether they are satisfied with the ban imposed by the BJP led NDA government. Fajur Rahim maintained that the Congress party will confront any act of oppression carried out by the BJP government at any cost.

He appealed to all the Christians, Muslims and other sections residing in the state to join hands in uprooting the party that has no respect for other tradition and culture.
Meibon Phaomei, former deputy Mayor of Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) said the decision of the NDA government to ban slaughter of cattle is a direct act of challenge to the minority communities residing in the country.

He appealed to the minority communities living in the state to confront together the act of the BJP which according to him is an infringement on the right of the people.
“We have always respected the Hindus and never complained on their culture and tradition. But, the BJP has offended the sentiments of the tribal,” he said.

He questioned why the tribal leaders in BJP have remained silent with regard to the issue.
The tribal will not bend to the highhandedness of the BJP, said Phaomei before threatening to launch massive form of agitation against the BJP rule.

Source:  Imphal Free Press


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