Manipur king’s monolith discovered in Kohima


Imphal,May 28 (EMN): Centuries old Manipur King Gambhir singh’s monolith was located in Nagaland’s state capital, according to founder of World War II Imphal campaign foundation and war researcher Rajeshwar Yumnam.

“We found the monolith outside Kohima museum after searching for hours”.
I have been searching for this for so many years after I read Sir Johnstone’s book (My experience in Manipur and Naga hills),” said Rajeshwar in an online conversation.

I think this is great discovery as far as Manipur is concern. We are lucky enough as we found the monolith when we’re about to leave the area, Rajeshwar stated.

In fact Rajeshwar who was along with his team in Kohima for a work, is planning to submit a letter to the concerned authority to preserve the historic monolith which said to be erected in 1833 after the King Gambhir Singh’s conquest of Kohima (Thibomei) in the military expeditions to Naga hills in 1831-1833 (as per late historian Prof Gangmumei Kamei’s Glorious Exploit’s of Manipur Levy).

Source: Eastern Mirror Nagaland


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