Aadhaar to be must for getting driving licence


NEW DELHI, Mar 26 :The Central Government has asked the all the States to make Aadhaar card a mandatory requirement in order to procure a driving licence in India.
The Centre has suggested this step to curb people from having multiple driving licences for a single name. At present, people are using multiple licences to break the law, because if one licence is impounded or suspended for any traffic offence, then the person has another to keep going. Also, multiple licences create the menace of fake identities as well.
This new scheme will come into effect from October, 2017. Not only will the issuance of driving licences have a centralised database of sorts but it will also help preventing people getting multiple licences from different regional transport offices (RTOs) in different States.
The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has already uploaded most of the data available in RTOs across the country onto the database. The database can be accessed anytime by any RTO to check whether the applicant already has a driving licence issued in some other State or not. In accordance, the Union Road Transport Ministry has already begun work in order to help the State Government to incorporate the necessary changes in the current process of issuing a driving licence.
The Government estimates that little more than 18 crore driving licences have been issued so far, a country with an estimated population of over 120 crore.

Source: Times Of India


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