Amit Shah pledges to jail ‘corrupt’ Cong leaders

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IMPHAL: Alleging that the Congress party has been looting the people of Manipur for the past 15 years by indulging in corruption under the pretext of job recruitment or taking up development projects, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Amit Shah has sworn to put behind bars all those involved in corruption, including the Chief minister O Ibobi, when BJP comes to power.The BJP chief was speaking in an election campaign held in connection with the up-coming assembly polls at Kangpokpi Thomas ground, Tuesday. Charging the Congress party of exploiting and ruining Manipur, which he described as one of the most beautiful places on earth, Amit Shah contended that the Congress party has intentionally destroyed the rich cultural heritage, resources and the resourceful people who are brilliant in every aspect, by institutionalising corruption.

Therefore such corrupt acts of the Congress will be closely monitored by the BJP if it comes to power in Manipur, he said asserted, adding: “BJP will put all leaders of the Congress including chief minister O Ibobi who indulged in corruption behind bars. This is the stand of BJP and the party will make sure that the state is free from corruption.”
Similar to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent statement that the party will bring about all round development in the state within five years which the Congress government has failed to bring during its 15 years of rule in Manipur, the BJP national president said that BJP would make Manipur a model state. All resources available in the state will be purposefully utilised and make the state advanced in all aspects. Considering the acquaintance of the youths in the sector of information technology, BJP would make Manipur an IT hub of India and thus generate significant IT-based jobs to the youths of Manipur in their home state.
On agricultural sector, Amit Shah informed that the party would extend necessary assistance to develop the existing organic farming methodology in the state while also adding that Manipur would be made one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world through effective implementation of infrastructure development so that the youth of the state could derive from flow of tourists.
Stating that the Congress party is being run by a single family ever since its inception, he said the trend has also been followed in Manipur under the leadership of O Ibobi. There was no development during the Congress rule in India. Likewise there is also no development in Manipur, including Kangpokpi district which was newly formed.
The BJP chief further charged the Congress party of failing to provide utilisation certificates of over 100 schemes which the Union government has sanctioned for the state. Funds which were meant to develop roads, construct schools and hospitals in the hill areas have gone missing, which clearly suggest that the Congress has been looting the public wealth. Therefore it is time for the people of Manipur to teach Congress a befitting lesson of a lifetime.
Assam finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma who was also present during the election campaign highlighted that despite speaking against drugs and its related effects in Punjab, All India Congress Committee (AICC) vice president Rahul Gandhi and his party has allotted party ticket to a nephew of chief minister O Ibobi who was involved in a case of illegal drug trade, to contest in the election. This has clearly indicated that Congress supports drug peddlers and drug users, he said.
While pointing out that there are over 7 lakhs educated unemployed youths in the state which the Ibobi led Congress government is not at all interested to solve, Himanta Biswa said that it is time for the people to think over and help BJP form the next government in the state.
BJP Manipur Pradesh president Ksh Bhabananda was also present on the occasion.
Meanwhile, addressing media persons at Classic Hotel, Amit Shah informed that failure of the Congress to provide utilisation certificate of many centrally-sponsored schemes clearly suggests that the Ibobi-led Congress government is ‘10 per cent’ government and infatuated with corruption.
Reacting to allegations made by O Ibobi against the Prime Minister, he informed that repair works of NH-37 has been included among the 100 programmes of the Union government for which crores of rupees have already been sanctioned. “It is quite amazing that the Congress government is highlighting these projects in the list of their projects to be taken up when it comes to power again. These programmes were also promised by the Congress party during their election campaign in 2012 and now again for the 2017 assembly elections the Congress party is still uttering the same promise which is indeed an act of befooling the common people.”
He also pointed out that the economic blockade being imposed on the national highways for over 100 days and hardships created to the people will be lifted within 24 hours of BJP coming to power in the state. The BJP has been remaining silent since law and order is a state issue and the NDA government at the centre can hardly take up any actions in this regard, Amit Shah stated.

Source: The People’s Chronicle


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