Journalist yaoshang sports meet begins


All Manipur Working Journalist Union’s president Wangkhemcha Shyamjai today lit up the torch after obtaining the sacred fire from the Kangla in mark of annual journalists’ sports meet at Manipur Press Club campus today.

This is the 7th sports meet for journalists organised by AMWJU during five days of Yaosang festival.

Shyamjai lauded the journalists of Manipur that their talents are not only confined in news room but many of them are excel in the field of sports.

He further complemented that media fraternity has members from different communities like Meetei, Muslim, Tribals and celebrating Yaosang in the form of sport together also signify message to people for integrity, brotherhood and oneness among inhabitants in the state.

Meanwhile like every years such annual sport meets are being organised at different Leikais organised by their respective local clubs and local organisations.

Today being the first day of Yaosang festival, sport meets organisers kick-off the events from today after obtaining lighting flames from sacred place of Kangla.

People from all walks of life in every organising Leikai irrespective of old and young were seen participating in the torch run opening ceremony while coming to Kangla today morning.

Even small children holding hands with their mothers were seen taking part in the torch run.

Flooded with such torch run groups who came to Kangla, the traffic around Kangla western gate were seen congested and traffic police had a hard time in controlling the traffic.

Source: Imphal Free Press

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