No decision on Greater Nagaland: Govt


New Delhi, Mar 25 (PTI) The Centre today strongly refuted as “erroneous” the reports that it has agreed to carve out a larger Nagaland state, saying no such decision has been taken.

A Home Ministry spokesperson said some reports have appeared recently to the effect that the Government of India has agreed to carve out a larger Nagaland state by taking away territories of states contiguous to Nagaland.

“Such reports are erroneous. It is clarified that there is no such agreement or decision by the Government of India,” the spokesperson said.

Thuingaleng Muivah, General Secretary, NSCN-IM (Naga insurgent group) was quoted recently that the ‘Framework Agreement’ signed with the Centre two years back has recognised the outfit’s demand for territorial integration of all Naga inhabited areas in the region.

The Framework Agreement was signed on August 3, 2015 by Muivah and the government’s interlocutor R N Ravi in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

The agreement came after over 80 rounds of negotiations spanning 18 years with the first breakthrough in 1997 when the ceasefire agreement was sealed.

“The pact had set the political parameters of the final solution,” officials said.

Source: PTINews


  1. Divide and rule policy was adopted by congress since independence over north eastern states and rules over innocent and simple peoples by promising impossible demands of few groups for their political benefit and bring nothing progressive works for entire NE States. Because congress parties political will was not there, for example bridges over most of the route s were made of single vehicle pass caused traffic problem, they never worked for future aspects and also example of BG Rail lines. They (Congress) is interested only in local issues and politicize it and engaged public in it. Local issues can solve only by local peoples, neither centre or state gov. Local issues can only by mutual understanding and each other by sacrificing their demands by both party. So instead of fighting and blaming others, support govts initiative towards progress of India by joining your valuable support, who dedicate his entire life for progress and progress of Indian erespective of religion, cast and all level of people.


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